Bug tracking is one of the most obvious uses of trackers in Tiki. They are very simple, and yet they take many steps to configure. This profile will enable the tracker feature and create a basic bug tracker to which you will be able to add additional fields.

Bug trackers are typically accessible to the whole community. We want people to check if a bug has already been logged before adding a new one. This is different than an Issue_Tracker.

This page will be created:

This profile can be extended to use the custom search plugin using the Bug_Tracker_Search profile.

preferences: feature_trackers: y feature_user_watches: y instructions: Profile_Bug_tracker_bug_page objects: - type: tracker ref: bug_tracker data: name: Bugs description: Standard bug tracker default_status: open show: [ status, creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] allow: [ comments, attachments ] - type: tracker_field ref: bug_tracker_summary data: name: Summary tracker: $bug_tracker type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory, link ] order: 10 - type: tracker_field ref: bug_tracker_priority data: name: Priority tracker: $bug_tracker type: dropdown options: 5 (high),4,3,2,1 (low) flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 20 - type: tracker_field ref: bug_tracker_description data: name: Description tracker: $bug_tracker type: text_area options: 1 flags: [ public, mandatory ] order: 30 - type: tracker_field ref: bug_tracker_assignee data: name: Assigned to tracker: $bug_tracker type: user flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 40

Sample data

objects: - type: tracker_item ref: bug_001 data: tracker: $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker status: open values: - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_summary, Sample bug ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_assignee, admin ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_priority, 3 ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_description, "This bug was created as part of the sample data for Bug_Tracker." ] - type: tracker_item ref: bug_002 data: tracker: $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker status: pending values: - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_summary, We are working on this bug ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_assignee, admin ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_priority, 2 ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_description, "This will soon be fixed" ] - type: tracker_item ref: bug_003 data: tracker: $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker status: closed values: - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_summary, A really bad bug ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_assignee, admin ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_priority, 5 ] - [ $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker_description, "This bug is closed." ]


objects: - type: module ref: module_last_modif_tracker_items data: name: last_modif_tracker_items groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] position: right order: 5 params: trackerId: $Bug_Tracker:bug_tracker name: Summary - type: module ref: module_last_tracker_comments data: name: last_tracker_comments groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] position: right order: 9

Add a form to add bug report and a report of open bugs

This will include: Profile_Bug_tracker_bug_page

instructions: Bug_Tracker preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: bug_tracker_page data: name: Bug_Tracker description: What needs to be done lang: en content: wikicontent:Profile_Bug_tracker_bug_page

Plugin to embed bug information in pages

objects: - type: plugin_alias data: name: bug implementation: trackerlist description: name: Bug Embed description: Displays a bug's information inside a wiki page prefs: [ feature_trackers ] params: id: name: ID description: Bug ID matching the tracker item ID required: true filter: digits body: input: ignore params: trackerId: $bug_tracker fields: $profileobject:bug_tracker_summary$:$profileobject:bug_tracker_description$:$profileobject:bug_tracker_assignee$:$profileobject:bug_tracker_priority$ showlinks: "y" showstatus: "y" status: opc max: 1 showlastmodif: "n" showfieldname: "n" itemId: pattern: %id% params: id: default: 0


  • Fix bug/feature about multiple installs

proposed structure

  • summary
  • severity
    • fatal,major,normal,normal,minor,text
  • Priority
    • only admin/dev-member can change
    • 1,2,3,3,4,5
  • status
    • only admin/dev-member can change
    • new,new,feedback,acknowledged,confirmed,resolved,wontfix,worksforme
  • version
  • description
  • expected behaviour
  • submitted by
    • not changeable
  • assigned to
    • only admin/dev-member can change

Category: release
Category: 12.x
Category: 15.x
Category: 16.x