Adds a simple wiki menu on a side module, using the Module menupage to add this sample menu Collaborative_Community_menupage
Menu seen by anonymous users
tiki3_profiles_sample_wiki_menu_anons_00.png (8.46 Kb)

Menu seen by registered users
tiki3_profiles_sample_wiki_menu_00.png (24.12 Kb)


objects: - type: module ref: module_menupage data: name: menupage position: right groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] order: 2 params: pagemenu: $collaborative_community_menupage_include

Wiki Page for the Menu

This will add the page Collaborative_Community_menupage as the menu content

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: collaborative_community_menupage_include data: name: Menu description: Collaborative simple menu lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Collaborative_Community_menupage

Features enabled

Add smileys for an easy way to add icons for bullets in the wiki page menu, without making them too much on the right.
instructions: menu preferences: feature_smileys: y wikiplugin_img: y wikiplugin_div: y wikiplugininline_div: y wikiplugininline_img: y

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Category: 12.x
Category: 15.x
Category: 16.x
Category: 17.x