This Profile creates Plugin Alias based on JQ plugin, containing jQuery code to allow load link page content via Ajax to the Colorbox. It should produce something like the last example on http://zukakakina.com/Shadowbox_gallery .

instructions: Colorbox Ajax Load Example # page where admin is redirected after applying the profile preferences: enable: [ feature_jquery, feature_shadowbox, feature_wiki, wikiplugin_jq, wikiplugin_$profileobject:cbajaxload_alias$ ] objects: - type: plugin_alias ref: cbajaxload_alias data: name: cbajaxload implementation: jq description: name: Colorbox Ajax Load Plugin description: After following the link inside a tag with id="ajaxload" it loads specified part of another page into Colorbox using Ajax prefs: [ feature_jquery, feature_shadowbox, feature_wiki, wikiplugin_jq ] body: default: '$jq("#ajaxload a").colorbox({href: function(){return $jq(this).attr("href")+" .wikitext";}});' params: bodyname: jQuery Code - type: wiki_page ref: colorbox_ajax_load_wiki_page data: name: Colorbox Ajax Load Example content: wikicontent:Colorbox_Ajax_Load_Example

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