Markdown and Toast UI WYSIWYG editor is coming to Tiki in version 25.0, this profile is to help set up Tiki so you can help test it.
More info can be found here: https://dev.tiki.org/WYSIWYG-and-Markdown.

This should not be used yet on a production site. Make sure you have a backup and this is a new install.


preferences: wizard_admin_hide_on_login: 'y' feature_wysiwyg: 'y' markdown_default: markdown markdown_enabled: 'y' markdown_wysiwyg_height: 30em

A few extra settings for dogfood on tiki pre-dogfood sites

preferences: wysiwyg_optional: y wysiwyg_default: y wysiwyg_htmltowiki: y

Example Pages

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: Markdown_Plain data: name: Markdown Plain description: Markdown syntax, normal/plain editor. content: wikicontent:Markdown_Settings_Markdown_Plain - type: wiki_page ref: Markdown_WYSIWYG data: name: Markdown WYSIWYG description: Markdown syntax, wysiwyg editor. content: wikicontent:Markdown_Settings_Markdown_WYSIWYG

Markdown Settings

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