This profile is intended to help setup a professional news publishing web site.

Global Preferences

preferences: enable: - feature_articles - feature_wiki disable: - feature_multilingual feature_multilingual: n style: strasa.css rememberme: enabled modules: - column: right order: 1 name: last_modif_pages groups: - Admins - Registered

Category Handler

preferences: feature_categories: y objects: - type: category ref: news_category data: name: News description: Front Page News items: - [ wiki_page, welcome-to-the-news-news_001 ] - type: category ref: region_category data: name: Region parent: $news_category

Tracker Handler

preferences: feature_trackers: y objects: - type: tracker ref: news_tracker data: name: News description: Simple News Tracker default_status: open show: [status, creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] allow: [comments, attachments] - type: tracker_field ref: news_title data: name: Title tracker: $news_tracker type: text_field flags: [searchable, public, link, list, mandatory] order: 5 - type: tracker_field ref: news_description data: name: Description tracker: $news_tracker type: text_area flags: [searchable, public] order: 10 - type: tracker_field ref: news_author data: name: Author tracker: $news_tracker type: user flags: [searchable, public, list] order: 15 - type: tracker_item ref: news_001 data: tracker: $news_tracker status: open values: - [ $news_title, "Welcome to The News !" ] - [ $news_author, admin ] - [ $news_description, "This is an __example__ for the first news item to be published at this site." ]