Profile Repository

You like profiles? Want to create your own? This profile will set-up your Tiki install to act as a profile repository. This profile uses the wiki handler, Category handler and permission management.

See Custom Repository for full instructions, including how to manually reproduce the steps below if this installer isn't working for you.

Rewrite rules must be activated on your host.

In order to simplify adding your profile repository to the profile list, you will also need to add a line to your rewrite rules.

This profile will include this page: Profile_Repository_Rewrite_Configuration

instructions: Profile_Repository_Rewrite_Configuration preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki, feature_categories ] permissions: Anonymous: allow: [ export_wiki, view_categorized, view_categories ] objects: - type: wiki_page data: name: Profile_Repository_Rewrite_Configuration content: wikicontent:Profile_Repository_Rewrite_Configuration - type: category ref: profile_category data: name: My Profiles

Category: beta