User Tracker profile

 Please Note
From 2015 onwards, you can also install an "all-in-one" profile named "User_Trackers" (note the ending "s" from the plural word) which does create working instances of User Trackers with lot of fields predefined for you to get started more easily (if you prefer installing lot of fields in one click and delete those which you do not actually need later): https://profiles.tiki.org/User_Trackers

This mini profile creates a basic User Tracker. It can be required and included by other Profiles. The tracker includes one mandatory field for the user login name which is necessary to make the user tracker work properly. It has modular concept so the other fields can be included as profile dependencies and are completely optional. Feel free to create your own fields for this User Tracker profile as "Profile snippets" and then call them via dependencies together with this profile from your own profile.

Global Preferences

Make sure Trackers feature is on:
preferences: feature_trackers: y userTracker: y user_trackersync_trackers: [ $user_tracker ]

The User Tracker

Object Permissions

permissions: Registered: user_tracker: $user_tracker user_tracker_field: $user_name objects: - type: tracker id: $user_tracker allow: [ create_tracker_items ]

User Tracker

objects: - type: tracker ref: user_tracker data: name: $profilerequest:User Tracker Name:$User Tracker$ description: $profilerequest:Tracker Description:$Additional information about users$ default_status: open allow: [ one_item_per_user, creator_modification ] hide_list_empty_fields: y show: [creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] sort_default_order: asc

General Fields (Mandatory)

objects: - type: tracker_field ref: user_name data: name: $profilerequest:Name for the "User Login" field:$User Login$ tracker: $user_tracker type: user flags: [ searchable, public, link, list, mandatory ] options: 1


To get more fields applied just search for "User_Tracker_" in your Profile control panel and apply the fields you like from the results.

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