This is to set optimal setting for WYSIWYG in Tiki 6.x

preferences: feature_wysiwyg: y feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting: y feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_br: y wysiwyg_wiki_parsed: y feature_wiki_allowhtml: y feature_ajax: y # needed for wysiwyg_htmltowiki and "visual" plugins ajax_autosave: y wysiwyg_toolbar_skin: kama # On by default but should be switched if not on wysiwyg_ckeditor:y wysiwyg_memo: y

To be added later when the rest is well tested:
wysiwyg_htmltowiki: y

wysiwyg_wiki_parsed is not supposed to be a WYSIWYG preference. Nor should feature_wiki_allowhtml. Chealer 2018-01-08

Add a test sample page

This will include: wysiwyg_sample_page

instructions: wysiwyg_sample_page preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: wysiwyg_sample_page data: name: wysiwyg_sample_page description: Just for testing lang: en content: wikicontent:wysiwyg_sample_page

Note: Section edit is incompatible with WYSIWYG
Category: release